Balance- Too much or too little

Balance- Too much or too little

Last Wednesday we had the second session of our group project with the delightful kids from Darnley Primary. They’d all come up with their animals and we started making them using cardboard. Something that I feel I have been learning through this project has been Balance, too much or too little.

Balancing time. Last week we realised we hadn’t planned enough for the class, this week we’d planned to much and hadn’t anticipated that the kids with higher visual impairments would find it harder to make their animals. Perhaps the emphasis perhaps should have been on the idea of the animals not its physical form.

Balancing activities. The kids level of engagement has been amazing and have become the highlight of my week and what we’ve found works well is starting with a circle time where each gets to speak and moving on to the table to make things thereby breaking up the session. Its also about balancing levels of activities, physical & verbal and creative & thinking.

Balancing attention. It can be difficult to make sure everyone feels heard or gets enough support, it felt a bit rushed at points last week but I hope all the kids felt heard and valued.

Maybe the key thing I’ve learned isn’t about too much or too little is flexibility. Not being to rigid in a plan, being able to change & adapt when needed.

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