How To: Be a Great Presenter

How To: Be a Great Presenter


“Anyone… can read a list of features or give a stream of facts to an audience. That’s now what we need or want. What we yearn for is to listen to an intelligent human being who teaches, inspires, or stimulates us…in a way that is meaningful. And this is where the story comes in…” -Garr Reynolds Presentation Zen

Today, people can get the information they want about anything instantly. So, PR newbie, why should anyone listen to your speech, pitch, or spiel about anything? Speechwriting and presenting has become an increasingly significant aspect of the communications world. But is a great speaker born or made? I believe it takes both to make a great presenter. Most people strongly dislike getting up in front of people they don’t know, talking about a subject that they don’t know if people will be interested in, and attempting to look good doing it…

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