Sustainability the opposite of dependence

Sustainability the opposite of dependence

Attended the Stalled Spaces Seminar yesterday. There were some fantastic talks but the one that was really fascinating the Severn Project in Bristol. It a great program that innovates the long term treatment of substance misuse through urban farming.

Steve Glover and his team have created an impressive sustainable social enterprise model. Where community groups are paid by the kilo to grow food as he said sustainability is the opposite of dependence. The three key parts are generate revenue, empower individuals and communities. They do this through encouraging community groups to grow food, pay them by the kilo, provide education training and employment, production, processing and distributing the goods.
What was also fascinating was the social franchise model they have developed that can be rolled out across the country. Steve spoke about making the decision to take a step back from the company, so it generates income to sustain itself without needing him, or external funding.  It’s really got me to start thinking about how I can work in a more sustainable way, I think its the best way for social projects to have long term and wider impacts.

More details about the Severn Project can be found here

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