30 minute project audit

30 minute project audit

I recently completed the 30 Minute Audit on Katie’s blog Design Affects. It’s really simple to do and only takes a short time commitment 30 minutes, or 45 in my case. Just to list all the projects you are working on and your personal identity and answer for each one;

Description: Why are you doing it?

Audience: Who are you trying to reach?

Role: What part do you play?

Sponsor: Who is supporting or funding you?

Scale: What parts of the world are you trying to reach?

Frequency: How often are you working on this?

Social Media: What are the various channels where you communicate this project?

It’s a great opportunity to evaluate the projects you’re juggling and why  you’re doing them. It was great to see that I could say why I was doing the majority of my work/ projects and what the outcomes for me were. I also realized that most of them I loved doing, even the one I want to leave.

It was a bit of a kick up the butt to stop procrastinating one of my projects and so I need to get a move on! Additionally it highlighted for me the projects I want to focus on and the work I want to leave soon, as it doesn’t fit with my overall “brand” as Kate calls it. Its about finding the the balance of work that pays, and work I’m interested in pursuing in the long term. As a friend recently told me,  we need to curate the work we take on and give ourselves side projects to explore our interests as ultimately the work we do will define the work we’ll get.

If you have a spare 30 minutes today you should try it out 🙂

2 thoughts on “30 minute project audit

  1. So happy to hear that this was helpful, Grace! Good to know that it took a bit longer than 30 minutes as well. Cheers to a more thoughtful & meaningful 2015!


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