Take a break

Take a break

Two brilliant articles about how to use your holiday period; unicorns time for our sector to take a break from Non Profit with Balls
17 ways to make the most of the Christmas Break on Ideas Tap. 

Vu Le’s blogpost on Non profit with Balls…. Is brilliantly funny and gives great advice on why we need to take time off, if only to prevent total burnout before January is even over. And it applies to the nonprofit sector, freelancers, and self employed alike. It’s super exciting until you realise that you were hoping to catch up on work/ life stuff over the break. 

Which is where the Ideas Tap article comes in, advocating using the time as update/ catch up/ experiment/ read time. Update your cv, fix kit, do some reading and de-tech your life at least for one day. Which is incredibly hard to do as I am realising, I constantly feel like I need to be holding or looking at some type of technology. 

The best idea is probably to do a bit of both. A couple of hours to work a day and schedule the rest to do absolutely nothing (off course taking Christmas and New Years Day & eve totally off). The best of both worlds. Whatever you do enjoy your holidays! 😊

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