The shower principle

The shower principle

Day 4
by Grace M
I’m determined not to miss a day of the Your Turn Challenge, no matter how busy or swamped I feel.
The three things I’ve noticed help me get unstuck
1. The Shower principle (as the brilliant 30 rock episode calls it). It is moments of inspiration that occur when you are distracted from the problem at hand. For me I definitely get my “best” ideas in the shower. My mind can wander and explore different solutions for the problem.  For some people the shower principle is taking a familiar walk, or dive. I remember listening to a Nerdist podcast where the Farrelly Brothers writing their movies whilst taking long road trips. It’s because your mind is in a relaxed state you’re doing something you’ve done before.
2. 90 minutes brainstorming time, preferably in the morning. I usually go to a cafe, with just a sketchbook and pen. Set a timer and force myself to focus on the problem for that time. I learned about this from the brilliant talk on creativity by John Cleese.
3. Explaining the idea to someone else. As they say two minds are better than one. At university, the studio was perfect for this, just being able to talk through a problem and see it from a different perspective.

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