Yes! 7 posts, 7 days!

Yes! 7 posts, 7 days!

Day 7: What are you taking with you from this Challenge?
By Grace M
I’m so happy I did the Your Turn challenge. It was brilliant for so many reasons. Seeing all the posts, feeling like I was part of something bigger. Part of a community. It was such a pleasure to see what people wrote, I learned a lot and smiled a lot, and felt a lot. People were so honest in their posts. So what will I take away?
1. I’ve learned not to be afraid of revealing myself. I’ve been so worried with my blog about just how much of myself I want to show but in this challenge helped me break that fear. I revealed parts of myself I usually keep quiet and I showed some of my designs. 
2. I identified something about myself that’s unique. The teach us something you’re good at day, was the hardest for me. I couldn’t think of anything. Then round 11pm, it suddenly struck me I’m good at being happy. People always comment on it but I’ve never really thought about it. No matter how upset or stressed out I am can find a laugh and I can find hope. 
3. I learned that I can be consistent and I can make the time. Even when I was swamped with work and tired I still managed to pull the motivation to write a post. Now I just have to take these principles and apply it to everything else I’ve been procrastinating on.
4. I learned to ship. Having the deadline everyday, motivated me to create something new everyday and ship everyday.
Thanks Winnie, Seth and the rest of the Your Turn Challenge team!

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