Fun project February _ productivity challenge

Fun project February _ productivity challenge

My goal for this year is to do one, fun/ side/ passion/ personal project per month. The only rules are that it has to be creative, experimental and most of all be FUN!
February- My fun/ side project for february is to make concept models.
Model making was the thing I loved the most at uni, but I haven’t made a single model since graduating last summer.
I’m starting small. Just 2 models a week, using scrap materials I found at the workshop.
It’s taken me ages but I’ve finally got a concept. Walls. I want to look at flat surfaces, walls, floors, fences and explore how they can be adapted to become more playful and engaging. I’ve found some inspiration which I’ve put below.
Let’s see how it goes 🙂
Adrienne Lau- Wall Mart
Studio Weave- Lullaby Factory

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