Doing the work you love versus loving the work you do

Doing the work you love versus loving the work you do


Do what you love or love what you do? This question has stuck with me since listening to this Creative Mornings Talk by Ben Chestnut, CEO of mailchimp.
I remember speaking to a friend about this very topic a couple of years ago. We mused that it seemed like few people on our course actually loved architecture. So many had a hobby or something else they did that they absolutely loved and we wondered about whether your passion had to be your job. She loved photography and I loved fashion but we didn’t really want them to be our careers.

Loving what you do instead takes away the pressure that the follow your passion movement has. If you make the most of what you’re doing you can be just as happy and fulfilled. You will also be able to develop skills that will make “you so good they can’t ignore you” as Cal Newport says in his brilliant talk Following your passion is not good career advice.

 In his creative morning talk Ben interestingly says that if he’d tried to turn his love of cartooning into a business or career, it could have killed his passion.

I think the better and more fulfilling path is to love what you do. Find the things you love about it and start to add them up.

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