Before I die… Public Art Project

Before I die… Public Art Project

Before I die is an interactive public art project, initiated by Candy Chang that invites people to share their personal aspirations in public space.

How did it get started?
Candy been making work exploring ways to share more with her neighbours using simple tools. The death of a loved one really affected her and made her think hard about death. So she decided to start this experiment creating an anonymous place to help restore perspective and connect with her neighbours.
alt= Before I die 
Why? What change are they trying to make/ believe in/ problem trying to solve?
Before I die… seeks to turn public/ shared space into a place for reflection and connection. To reflect on life and share contemplations and aspirations.

How are they doing this? what is the process?
It is done by turning walls into giant chalkboards, with the stencilled question, “before I die….” They have created a toolkit, and the project has spread worldwide.
What is the impact? 

It turns “neglected spaces into constructive ones”.

Who is it?
The project was started by Candy Chang and has since gone global.

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