What I learned/ discovered this week

What I learned/ discovered this week

image via.. Unsplash

I have been working at home all this week and listening to the lovely podcast Design Matters by Debbie Millman.   It’s an amazing resource, just being able to listen to how other people work, how they got to where they are and their thoughts on life and creativity and making an impact.

Great insights on storytelling with a strong point of view, authorship, curiosity and curating by Maria Popova on Design Matters. She speaks of thinking like a ‘curious octupus’, having interests in a range of disciplines and allowing yourself the freedom to explore them. Her thoughts on writing about things you can add to or enrich somehow made me think about Active Socioplastics and how I select what to post.

This led me to Jeff Jarvis’s great article Cover what you do best and link to the rest. 

I learned a new phrase ‘aspirational organisation’ from Knock knock founder Jen Bilik. It describes me perfectly, I’m constantly preparing to get work done instead of actually getting work done.

To find people you admire and think about what  qualities you like about them and model the best from Dawn Hancock https://vimeo.com/31259491

Found some tips on how to write exhibition text from the V & A museum.

How to prepare an online portfolio from creativeboom and how to make a new paragraph in html <P>

A great expansion of Charles Eames famous quote “Design is a plan for arranging elements in such a way as best to accomplish a particular purpose.” by Christophe Simmons . Christopher explains that Good design encompasses 5 elements
1. strategy- plans 2. Presentation- arrangement 3. Content- elements 4. How effective was it- achievement
5. How worthwhile was it- goal

About the importance of design in keeping the human scale and people at the centre of everything from Paola Antonelli. ‘Ultimately everything is for people and made for people’.

Where to find non cheesy stock photography– thanks creativeboom!

And from the lovely Chrissy from BeYonder who I met a couple of weeks ago at a networking event, the importance of making and nurturing connections.


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