February productivity challenge_ round up

February productivity challenge_ round up


To be honest my February Productivity Challenge has been a mixed bag. I have made some progress but perhaps not as much as I would have liked.

The three things I was concerned that would be hard were, getting up early, focusing while working, and setting realistic expectations. I’ve made some progress but will continue to work on them in March.
What I’ve improved on
  • Getting up by 7.30 now instead of 8/8.30 like I used too. I took the tips from Zenhabits.net, and started slowly, getting up 15 mins earlier each week and it’s worked.
  • I have also been starting work by earlier, perhaps it’s because I’ve been working from home lately. We just got an office space and I’m going to keep on with this.
  • Made an ideal schedule and working towards it
  • Working in 90 minute focus sessions I feel like my productivity has dramatically increased because of this, but I still get distracted by my phone or the Internet.
  • I’ve started planning my week on monday and making a to do list in the morning before I start working.
What hasn’t worked so well
  • My focus still isn’t great as I said earlier I get distracted every time I go online and go on random tangents.
  • Still need to set boundaries work still goes on till the night and I’ve realised it’s because I make myself busy. I need to start setting limits,  work time, home time, e.t.c, if not I’ll just burn out.
  • I’ve not been very good at unplugging/ taking proper breaks between the 90 minute bursts, instead of checking my emails.
  • I need to start sleeping early using the same technique of small habits. I’ll start by going to bed 15 minutes early this week.
Check out my March Productivity Challenge

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