Glasgow Global Service Design Jam

Glasgow Global Service Design Jam

Stop talking start doing!

Kill your babies!

I took part in the Glasgow Global service jam this weekend. It was a last minute decision but I’m so glad I did it. My first service jam and it was an amazing experience. Lots of lovely people and lots of lovely food.

The Global Service Jam is a yearly event where participants from a range of fields are given 48 hours to create a service that could change the world. This year was the 5th Global Service Jam. I’ve just started learning about service design but it is all about designing services around people, in order improve the relationship and interaction between the provider and the end users. The Glasgow Jam was run by Snook, the team were absolutely fantastic!
We started on Friday with the top secret brief being revealed. This year it was an image of a piece paper being folded into a fortune teller. We brainstormed words or images that came to our minds from this. First as a big group then in smaller groups, even looking at opposites to what we were coming up with. Themes soon began to emerge and we formed teams based on them. I ended up with the amazing exploration team, Team Columbus with a great group of people. It was so much fun. Each team came up with a brief and a problem we were going to explore.
We decided to explore extreme use of technology by teenagers in the Glasgow area. With a focus on products or services which offer an opportunity of alternatives to the addictive nature of digital appliances, tools and apps – with the aim of moderating such behaviours and allowing this specific age group the freedom to step out of their virtual world.

I missed most of saturday when Team Columbus went out in the street to speak to the young people of Glasgow about their technology use habits. Interestingly they found that a lot of the teens they spoke to talked about the fear of missing out.  And made the first prototype, a social space for teenagers. On sunday there was a real push to start doing, we decided to use a persona and act out a prototype. We wanted to create a modern social space, where young people could be active and technology could be incorporated to encourage meaningful interaction.
Here’s what we made!

The best part was seeing how much the ideas changed from the starting point and seeing the range of services people came up with from using drawing to alleviate awkward situations to internet free restaurants. The range of techniques we used to explore our ideas from prototypes to personas were great and we could experiment without the fear of failure. But what I learned from the weekend was to just do it instead of talking about doing it.

Thanks again Snook and Team Columbus!

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