March productivity challenge- develop focus routines

March productivity challenge- develop focus routines

Set up better email & focus routines

As I said in my previous post I’ve started to make progress in my productivity but I’ve also realise that it’s me that’s making myself so busy. So for March my Productivity Challenge is to set up a better way to increase my focus when working and email routine.

The first things I’m going to do are;

1. Say no- I’m a total time optimist I always say yes and hope I can get the work done in time but I end up overloading myself. So I need to start saying no to things, and giving myself the time to do the a few key things well. I’m starting by reducing my daily list to 3 things a day, and writing them the night before.
2. Develop 90 min focus routine- I’m aiming to nail my focus routine. And I’m gonna start doing 1/2 everyday, with absolutely no internet, unless necessary. I’ll try to do them in the morning so I can have a more flexible afternoon and can faff around if I want too.
3. Test out better email routines- I want to work out better email routines, experimenting with different times to check and answer emails and see what works best.
4. Sleep earlier- I’ve been getting up earlier but sleeping at the same time, so I feel quite tired in the mornings. So I will start sleeping earlier, 15 minutes earlier this week and continue adding to the habit slowly.
Here’s to a productive March :).
Let me know if you have any tips!

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