Weeks learnings/ discoveries_ 7.03.15

Weeks learnings/ discoveries_ 7.03.15


Catch & Release Project where Seaport’s residents created lovely thank you cards

The busy trap, being busy for the sake of being busy

How to speak to inspire change, is a great read from Simon Sinek

An insightful discussion between Debbie Millman and Seth Godin on how to overcome the lizard brain

The importance of taking breaks from technology, switch it off!

Have a point of view and express your point it daily, a thoughtful post from Seth Godin’s blog

The brilliantly inspiring Your Ad Here from Create London, connecting small businesses, artists and the community

Thank you Roberta Tassi for this amazing online resource of service design tools-

Creating an education system that is relevant to people Charles Leadbeater’s TED talk on his learnings from education in slums

How to write a great blog post from creative boom (I’ve started writing post-it notes when I start a blog post)

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