Weeks learning and discoveries 14.03.15

Weeks learning and discoveries 14.03.15


How to build your charisma, a talk by Olivia Fox Cabane. The key elements of charisma Olivia explains are presence, power and warmth.

Just do it instead of waiting for the perfect time! I finally made a decision i’ve been putting off for a while. Waiting till everything aligned but this week I realised I just had to make a decision and not look back.

Creative toolbox from Hyper Island

The lovely website of Charity: Water content strategist Tyler Riewer

What millennials want; transparency, authenticity, tangibility, engagement with greater community and an opportunity to contribute beyond money

Why charity: water’s campaigns are so successful 

Mathias Jakobsen goes through How to to Think Clearly using pen and paper. I love the detail from the type of pen you should use (prismacolor or copic) to the size of the notebook. I’ve bought a moleskin and I’m excited to start a beautiful sketchbook and start thinking clearly!

“We serve ourselves better by fearing a failure to act more than fearing failure itself” Michael Schwalbe in Maximise Your Potential from 99u

How to be a better you from Lauren Curries’s blog on her Design Enterprise class. It looks like a fantastic and empowering lecture!

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