Style tips from my mum

Style tips from my mum

My mum is one of the most stylish people I know. When I was a teenager, I absolutely hated going shopping and found her comments about my clothes so annoying but I have since grown to love fashion and I have to say that most of my lessons in style have come from my mum. Even though she lives in London and I’m up in Glasgow I can still hear her comments when I choose an outfit. Here are her some of favourite sayings/ lessons:
Me, my mum and brother
Me, my mum and brother
Emphasis your strengths and ‘camouflage’ the things you don’t like about your body.
According to my mum for me it emphasis my legs and hide my shoulders! So I love skinny jeans and will once in a while attempt to get away with a mini skirt. The key is creating a balance, choosing colours that suit you is another key part of this. A lesson that I also learned from numerous episodes of Trinny and Susannah’s What Not to Wear.
Some shoes are only designed to be worn if you are going to be driven around
We have the most hilarious conversations about different sized feet and shoes that are designed to create pain (and there are many, even ones that look comfy can turn out to be absolute devils). Her trick is freeze the shoe with a bag of water overnight to expand it.
Dress your age
Since graduating, whenever I go home I get a lot of you should be dressing like a working young woman, not as a student and when I was younger my mum would encourage me to dress more experimentally but I was too shy. But it is true I’ve realised you can’t necessarily dress the same way you did when you were a teenager.
You look like a colour riot
This is one of her favourites and refers to wearing multiple colours or patterns. Although I don’t agree with the Nigerian love of matching everything (literally everything, shoes bag, jewellery), an outfit does look more elegant when the colour combination has been considered. My mum taught me about base colours like blue, black, white, grey, brown which can be worn with almost with anything.
Buy loads of tops and a couple of jeans
My mums trick, which she discovered at university to keep up her fashion kudos was to buy a couple of really good pairs of jeans and loads of cheap tops and then just alternate the tops. No one remembers your jeans but they may remember your tops, so it made her look like she had a huge wardrobe! It’s also a simple way to change up your style or keep up with current trends.
Its not how expensive it is but how you wear it
My mums love of fashion and constant shopping means she gets some great bargains but she has always said it’s not what you have but how you wear it. Which is why she’s obsessed with telling us to iron our clothes and keep our shoes clean.
Blend your makeup
Her tip is blend, blend, blend, you dont need loads of brushes, your fingers work well as the heat helps soften the makeup. Makeup like clothing is all about creating illusions.
Just because everyone else is wearing it doesn’t mean you have to.
Finally as my mum always says you don’t have to follow trends just wear what suits you and what you like. My favourite style icons wear what they love and what suits them and have a classic style that works despite whatever trenda are currently showing.

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