Random thoughts: some ideas

Random thoughts: some ideas

I’ve been having some ideas about projects I’d like to do, but haven’t done much about them. So I thought it’d be a good idea to list the ones that have been on my mind and write a little exploration about them.

Superhero workshop

Superhero definition: A type of character possessing extra ordinary talents. They have a moral code and desire to help people.

Inspired by the Monster Street Supplies Store and would love to do a project that encourages kids to explore their imagination. I’m really interested in making and encouraging people to talk and explore through making, so the idea is that It’d be a series of workshops with kids aged 8-12, asking them to make a superhero mask/ costume that could change their environment.

It’d start with a mapping of the local community and the problems they perceive in their community. These could be the villain of the story. We’d then explore solutions and inspirational projects. The fun bit would be imagining, designing and making the superhero who’d be able to tackle those issues. Focusing on inventing the tools we’d use simple materials like cardboard.

Urban Projections

I love the idea of a moving interactive project. I was at first interested in a transportable space or pavilion but now I’m thinking about cycling as a mode of transport. The idea would be to give people a voice the chance to change their environment. To make an impact somehow.

We could project wishes onto empty spaces/ dilapidated buildings, there are lots in Glasgow. Or reimagined existing spaces and places. Whether it’s through text, images or sounds. We could paint the city, project stories, write love letters to the city, visualise the future, highlight important places in the city….

Wall project

I was particularly drawn to “Before I die” the project by Candy Chang where people wrote their wishes on a wall painted as a chalkboard. I have some ideas of how you could transform walls to make them more engaging and playful. It would be interesting to make them into spaces that could be adapted by passersby. Leaving their imprint on the city in some way.

It could be a wall that becomes a musical instrument. People playing it as they walk by it and the music created could be recorded over time. It’d be fantastic to create a feedback loop, an interaction between past interactions and the new recordings.  It could be a wall that turns into a place to sit and have lunch in summer, protect you from the rain or even a place to have a nap.

I haven’t fully thought out this idea yet. It’s inspired by Matthias Vestergaard’s “White Shirt” project, which explores the effects of clothing and presentation by putting homeless people in white shirts and photographing them. The other inspiration is photographer Justin Bettman and stylist Gozde Eker’s project “Set in the Street” where they built elaborate sets from unwanted items and furniture found in new york and photographed them. 


I like the idea of changing the image of something. Reframing something by taking it out of its context.

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