Weeks learnings/ discoveries 12.03.15

Weeks learnings/ discoveries 12.03.15

I started listening to Your Dreams my Nightmares. It’s a great podcast I’ve heard about a couple of times but only just started listening to. Illustrator Sam Weber interviews illustrators about their work, lives and how they got where they are. I particularly liked the discussion with Kaye Blegvard on how addictive praise can be “praise vampires”. They focused on feedback online and how it has little or no context, everything is presented on its own and the feedback you get has no context.

interesting article on Impact Design Hub’s blog about the less travelled career path of public interest design. As someone who decided after graduating to take this path it was good to see that we all have similar experiences.

I saw this description on Good Partipation of incentive in participation, inviting people to take part and it made me think.

An invitation does not guarantee that participants will attend or take part. What’s the reason why someone would want to be a part of your experience? What’s more – how do you make it irresistible to join? The starting point is to know the audience, identifying specific people or groups of people, understanding their personal characteristics and motivations to take part in the experience on offer.
Inspiring talk by Tina Roth Eisenberg the best way to complain is to make.

Insightful thoughts from Brian Eno on ideas and surrendering. The way art offers a way of surrendering.

“The big mistake is to wait for inspiration, its not so much creating something but noticing when it is starting to happen”
“Everything we call character is deviation from what we call perfection”

I stumbled on a definition of environmental graphic design, a field I know little about but sounds fascinating. It is as a design profession that encompasses many design professions including graphic design, architecture and industrial design. It is concerned with aspects of way finding, communicating identity and brands, information design and shaping a sense of place.

This made me also look up a definition of Service Design a field I’m also starting to learn about since taking part in the Global Service Jam. Service design is the activity of planning and organising people, infrastructure, communication and material aspects of a service to improve it’s quality and the interaction between the service provider and customers.

Great Lecture by Nina Simon on participatory practice in Art. It’s a long talk but worth the listen. There was an interesting point made at the end about the lack of central places online to look for participatory arts, design or architecture. This is something I’ve noticed when I tried to find references for my individual project on my community arts course.

Andy J Miller has a great post on how to be a happy creative on his tumblr;

1. Refuse to see your entire life either as a success or failure

2. Make something everyday

3. Be authentic

4. Know your purpose

5. Address and defeat your fears

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