Weeks learnings/ discoveries 20.04.15

Weeks learnings/ discoveries 20.04.15

Some trends in corporate social responsibility. A great tip I learned this week from a new friend is to ask potential partners to invest in your cause.

Some interesting case studies and approaches from Ripple Strategies on how to use the media for change

This brilliant guide to organising finances and the UK self assessment system from Freelance Parents. It’s for the UK tax system but there are some great tips on record keeping & saving for your tax bill. It has become my go to guide as I start my first freelance tax return.

Great steps to digital hygiene from Seth Godin “spend the most creative part of your day creating not responding”. I’ve already stopped all notifications on my phone.

DoSomething guide to getting corporate sponsors to love you. The key thing I learned is that research is key. Tailor your proposal to each organisation in order to stand out from the crowd. It’s not just for them to help you but also how can you help them

The weekly freelance schedule from Studio Meroe, some brilliant tips on planning your week. Monday research and inspiration, Tuesday business and finance, Wednesday social media, Thursday marketing and networking and Friday organising. Some great tips, it reminds me of Jessica Hirsche’s Admin Monday.

This brilliantly funny guide to the 7 sins of humanitarian douchery made my weekend!

I went back to Salsa this week after a year and discovered muscle memory :-).

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