Mid week round up of things I’m thinking about, loving and looking at 🙂
I’ve been thinking about this Brainpickings} article on the need to make time to be bored. To daydream, to play….
“Today, amid our cult of productivity, we’ve come to see boredom as utterly inexcusable — the secular equivalent of a mortal sin.
To be bored is to be unafraid of our interior lives — a form of moral courage central to being fully human.”
Pondering the need for a spectrum of stories: How Walter Dean Myrers Taught Me to stop Writing White}
Loving reading From ‘Bauhaus to our House’} Tom Wolfe’s exploration of the nature of architecture compounds. A hilarious book!
“Every time Wright read that Le Corbusier had finished a building, he told the fellows: “Well, now that he’s finished one building, he’ll go write four books about it!”
I was really touched by Last Will and Testament, the Tony Benn documentary. Its a story of fighting for the underdog, fighting for democracy, fighting cynicism and the importance of standing up for what is right.
I’ve never had a a fashion show make me emotional: ‘Cyclops’ Rick Owens}
I’m coming to the end of the online U Lab course} at MIT, transforming Business Society and Self. It’s been amazing to see that there are so many like minded people accross the globe 🙂
Had my first attempt at making food dye tinted glass.
I’m gonna try the oven technique next}

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