Creative Industries Federation panel notes

Creative Industries Federation panel notes

Great panel from across the creative sector in Scotland.
Absolutely loved Janice Kirpatrick from Graven. She hit the nail right on the head with her discourse on why education needs to include enterprise (she started Graven instead of doing industrial placement), digital as a package for analogue (it stills needs people) and why we need less ‘spreadsheet monkeys’ numbers are symbols of other kinds of values.
Why do creative industries need to justify their value? This question kept coming up. Defence doesn’t have to justify spending $400 million on fighter jets that don’t work properly as Krishna from RSNO said.
It got me thinking about;
How schools can encourage multidisciplinary thinking and engagement (I’ve met more artists, illustrators, designers working than I did at University)
Here are my notes 🙂
Creative Industries Federation panel notes

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