The tensions of the modern soul + Alain de Botton and Tim Ferriss chat

I’ve been sending this podcast with Alain de Botton with Tim Ferriss to so many people. It’s just full of so much wisdom.
It’s quite long although shorter than watching a blockbuster :).
The wide discussion covers the tension of the modern soul, the glamour of science, spreading ideas, philosophy and loads more.

So many things I’ve been thinking about lately.
Some nuggets
We’re not very good at understanding what we really want
Bertrand Russell the vulgariser. The democracy of ideas and knowledge. Make it accessible and people will add their own ideas.
The glamour of science; it means we think the most valuable things must be very complicated & constantly new instead of very simple and repetitious of old thruths
Got me thinking about: 
Going up with immigrant parents, as an immigrant myself I totally relate to his parents story.

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