Breaking the Charisma Myth

Insights into Charisma by Olivia Fox Cabane at Stanford University.

A brilliant talk that changed my perception of Charisma as something some people have naturally to something that can be learned and built upon.

Her techniques such as focusing

  • Presence
    • The core of charisma
    • Charismatic people give you the feeling they are completely there with you in the moment
    • Techniques, focus on the sensation on your toes then at the person, focus on the colours in the persons eye
    • Charisma is not just how you make people feel about you but also about themselves
  • Power
    • Our perception of your ability to influence the world around you
    • Mostly look at peoples body language
    • Technique, standing with confidence to get the cycle going
  • Warmth
    • How much someone gives us the impression that they like us
    • We perceive warmth almost entirely by body language and behaviour
    • You cannot fake it
    • Technique, pick three things about the person that you can approve of
    • Technique, think about their past
    • Technique, imagine their present, what happened to them today

For more check out:

Videos on Olivia’s blog 

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