Time & connection, Seth Godin

Time & connection, Seth Godin

Fantastic interview with Seth Godin on the On being podcast by Krista Tippet.
I listened to this a while ago when I first heard about Seth Godin and the insights were just mind opening.
Here’s a snippet:
“The view not based on scarcity but abundance. The thing we don’t have enough of is connection, we’re lonely, and we don’t have enough time. If people can offer us connection and meaning in a place where we can be our best selves we will seek that out.
No, it doesn’t help you build a big profitable company but, yes it helps you make a better difference to the community you’ve chosen to live in.”
Even months later I’m still thinking about time and connection as the highest value commodities today. We just don’t seem to have enough of either in the West.

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