Jumbled thoughts on WRITING LIKE YOU SPEAK

Jumbled thoughts on WRITING LIKE YOU SPEAK


I’ve been thinking about this since reading Paul Grahams Essay about Writing like you speak. 

What does that mean?

I don’t think I speak all that well sometimes, my everyday speech is all over the place and like many Nigerians I like to use big words (why use a small one when a big one will impress!)

I guess it means show your personality and stories. The spectrum that you would give to the people you care about.  

As Alain De Botton says the writers we like the most are the ones we get a flavour of the person. They seem like a really nice, friendly person that you could go for a coffee with.

So if you talk endlessly in word vomit, like Jen Bilik, try writing that way. If you like big words use them.

Tip’s that I’ve found really helpful

A great tip from Paul Graham is to read aloud what you write and if it doesnt sound like you, edit it. 

A friend of mine told me, “I want to know what is interesting for you. Not necessarily the facts. What experiences have you had that make it spark for you? Explain them.”

Write what frustrates you.

Write it to a friend or loved one. 

Some great articles I’ve found about writing

Writing an about me Page by Rachel MacDonald 

About me page on 99u 

Copy writing tips from Hemingway, Jane Austen, George Orwell and more 

How to write the perfect blog post 

Tell me your story

Unusual tips for becoming a better writer James Altucher

Write like you talk by Paul Graham

The anatomy of the perfect blog post, Buffer

Do you have favourite writing tips or articles? I’d love to know 😌

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