Modern guilt

Modern guilt

Things we’re supposed to feel guilty about today….
I’m spending too much
I’m not spending enough
I should be more successful by now
I consume too much
I’m killing the environment
I should recycle more
I’m too rich
I’m too poor
I shouldn’t complain there are people worse of than me
I should be happier
If i loose my job there must be something wrong with me
I should know what I want
My life should have meaning
I shouldn’t need people
I’m not working hard enough
I’m working too much, I don’t have time for the people I love
I spend too much time online
I shouldn’t be scared of that group of people
I deserve better
I dont deserve better
I consume too much information
I don’t know what their talking about
I’m missing out
I’m giving up
I should have given up ages ago

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