Taking a Leap

Taking a Leap



Happy belated leap day!

I’ve been thinking about Active Socioplastics and how it’s going.

Over the last few weeks I have been slacking on writing blog posts. Everything else always seems to take over and then I realise I haven’t given anytime to this blog. I have been making smaller posts of interesting things I’ve found but I don’t want Active Socioplastics to be like Facebook, lots of click bait videos.

Simultaneously I’ve been thinking about a point Tim Ferriss made in his New Years Podcast, “how can I make this easy?”

Writing a long form blog post can feel like a monumental task. A lot of the time I have an idea but I haven’t fully formed a story/ point of view. I also find lots of interesting videos, podcasts and articles that I just don’t get round to posting. So I’m gonna take a leap.

I’ve been quite consistent about keeping my 366 days of learning in my Day One Journal (although I haven’t been so good at updating the 366 days of Learning page). I’m going start posting them here, my daily learnings, things I’m thinking about and interesting things I come across.

It’ll be quite personal and quite a mix but lets see how this evolution of Active Socioplastics goes :-).

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