365 days of learning 2016

One of my principles for 2016 is wisdom over information. In aid of this I’m keeping a record of what I’m learning through this year. It could be a quote, an experience, a course, a realisation or something I’m thinking about…. One lesson per day.

Here’s what I’ve got so far 🙂

Fri 12 Feb

Stumbled on the view’s discussion of Beyonce’s political message at the superbowl.

They were talking about it’s a family show, politics on this platform makes people uncomfortable. INTERESTING.

Interesting that talking about something that effects a lot of families in their country is uncomfortable to talk about, it’s not about whether police officers are “good decent, family men.” Like Making a Murderer show’s it’s about how much our we willing to excuse to accept the idea that police officers are “good decent family men” as truth

The stories and videos of what happens to young black people in the US makes me really upset.No one should ever have to prove from the grave that they were a good person and did not deserve to be killed. It is not acceptable that our parents have to teach us that we will be judged by our skin colour first and the truth second.


I was listening to the Seth Godin interview with Tim Ferriss it got me thinking about money, how much more and what am I willing to trade. That the two most precious things today are attention and trust, and coming up with a criteria for saying no.

Thurs 11th Feb

Gave a presentation at an interview today. Learned a lot about giving presentations even though it was only 5 mins.

  • breath slowly
  • smile
  • put a joke in it that makes you smile
  • learn what you are going to talk about
  • have notes for reminders if you need it
  • treat your nerves as excitement

Wed 10th Feb

I was applying for a job and looking at what I don’t have. I need to trust myself know, look at the skills I have instead of what I don’t have.

Apparently I don’t have a poker face, (I’ve always thought I did, lol)

Tues 9th Feb

Thinking about, why is my first reaction to seeing someone with disability pity? They are no less than me in reality.

Mon 8th Feb

Let go. When I try to over engineer projects they never work. Thinking about my website, when I try to make it ‘perfect’ progress slows.

Sun 7th Feb

Democracy is a continuous process

Sat 6th Feb

There was something beautiful about watching people coming out of Primark in Stoke. There was a diversity of race, gender, style, age etc all shopping in the same place. Like the Mitchell Library in Glasgow there is a democracy of access.

Fri 5th Feb

Thinking about my experience with NGS and it’s latest revival. With community projects you need young people for their hopefulness, go getter attitude and lack of fear and you need older retired people for their passion, ability to speak up without fear and experience. Both have something that changes when you have kids, time that’s not dependent on someone’s needs.

Thurs 4th Feb

I watched Meet the Patels today, such a good documentary. It got me thinking about interracial relationships and compromise. Do I compromise in my interracial relationship?

Wed 3rd Feb

I learned a lot about wordpress today, it’s like an assault course, so many new words. Proud that I eventually worked out that a problem the site was having was due to the wrong PHP :). The learning curve is steep!

Tues 2nd Feb

Is water the next big commodity? I hope not, it’s terrifying!

Mon 1st Feb

Tried working in the library today, the Mitchell Library in Glasgow. It’s so muchmore productive than working at home. Having so many people doing something keeps me focused. Plus they recently changed server and it blocks a lot of sites so I cant get distracted online!

Sun 31st Jan

“Don’t deny differences, accept them, appreciate them, recognise them and cherish them” Jane Elliot

Sat 30th Jan

Learned how to make Jellof Rice and Pepper soup, two Nigerian dishes

Fri 29th Jan

Ask people for help instead of just getting frustrated no one is helping.

Thurs 28th Jan

“Stop what is the opportunity of this given moment, when you see it, go” Gratitude as an action from On Being Podcast with David Steindl Rast

Wed 27th Jan

“Eyes receive, the brain registers, mind interprets visual information” Kimberly Bryant explaining how our experiences form our judgements on 99u.

Tues 26th Jan

It’s so easy to give less effort than I am capable of, one problem with being an ENFP is I get distracted by new ideas easily.

Being asked by someone who truly cares/ is listening if you’re okay can be emotional.

Mon 25th Jan

After yet another afternoon “just browsing” some charity shops I’m thinking about why I love them so much (I’m turning into my mum and becoming a shopaholic).

  • I love the thrill of the bargain (I now know which charity shops are good and which are just over priced not good quality stuff)
  • I love spotting something of value that’s been given away (one mans waste etc)
  • I love imagining the stories/ portrait these possessions tell. Like the donations I once rummaged through of someone who’d been a priest (I’m guessing), the music they’d listened too, the books they’d kept since the 70’s and this persons framed picture of Pope Pius XII
  • I love that you never know what you’ll find, a 70’s polaroid camera for £3, amazing!

Sun 24th Jan

We’re living in an experience economy, I now only go to the cinema if the film’s got great reviews and I really feel it’s worth spending the money on it. Same with music people pay for concerts to experience the music live with other people, it’s the atmosphere created. Been thinking about this since listening to Nerdist Podcast with Colin Hanks talking about Everything must pass, the rise and fall of tower records

Sat 23rd Jan

Learned about social proof and referrals reading The Power of Persuasion by Robert Levine, thinking about how I can use it in a side project I’m working on.

Fri 22st Jan

Tried Pomodoro Time app today. It’s really good, 25 mins goes by really fast when you’re timing it. Really focuses the mind.

Thinking about how much information I consume, I’m reaching an information overload. How can I reduce this?

Thurs 21th Jan

Create work that inspires and engages, learning this from Susan today. I’d created a document about the charities finances that laid it out but there was little engaging or human about it, little touches like playful use of language make a huge difference. Honesty and being open is also key.

Noticed my body is changing, I have big mood swings close to my period, never use to have that. Damn it getting older! lol

Wed 20th Jan

Read things properly before signing up, I signed up for domain name with 1&1 thinking the price was per year but it was actually per month :p

Reading the story of Nasty Gal on Growth Hackers, I realised that spending time reflecting and analysing metrics if I have them is really important. Something I need to get better at!

Tues 19th Jan

Lesson 5 from Leading the Field, by Earl Nightingale the importance of being able to articulate your thoughts and ideas, something I need to work on.

Mon 18th Jan

The Finnish education system is brilliant! Their children dont start school till they are 7, they decide when they want to read, there are few tests and exams, focus is on play and creative and future leaning learning, they spend less time in school, there are few/ no private schools…. all counter intuitive to the system we have in the UK, yet they have the best education system in the world. My BF was like it’s cause they have a smaller population, I dont think it’s that, it’s because they have a philosophy of equality in education. Inspirational!

Starting to notice my energy levels more now, it’s high in the morning, down in the afternoon, up again early evening, down again, then up as I’m about to sleep!

Sun 17th Jan

I’ve been thinking about one of the lessons from Rich Dad Poor Dad which has stuck with me even though I read it over 10 years ago. What you’re learning from work is more important than how much you’re earning at that moment. Found this wiki summary on the book 🙂 “For example, in that part of the book when the author complains to rich dad that he can hardly afford to buy anything with the wages he is paid, rich dad tells him that he shouldn’t dwell on the fact that his wages are low, but instead ask “how can I make more money” because this stimulates the brain to take action. His rich dad says that when someone says, “I can’t afford it”, his brain stops working. It therefore kills initiative and promotes passivity.”

Sat 16th Jan

Sometimes it’s good to let an idea mull in your head for months and months, till something starts to come together in your head. You might not have a project straight away, so be patient.

Fri 15th Jan

Make time to rest

Thurs 14th Jan

Thinking about the truth of experiences. Writing diary entries and rereading them makes you realise our memories of experiences and what we write can be very different. Also wheat we remember in the moment isn’t true. We can be having the same conversation but experiencing different things our context varies

The importance of praise and gratitude over criticism, too much negative feedback and people stop wanting to make an effort.

Wed 13th Jan

First day of ‘Grace Self Employment’ time, spent whole morning and it was totally worth it. Need to protect this time!

Did the stepping into future exercise from U lab where you imagine your future self telling your current self what they should be doing. It was eye opening for me. My advice from my future self was ‘focus on love, service and wisdom and the rest will come’. Here’s the link start from about 30 mins in.

Learned about the ‘Unexotic Underclass’ a brilliant essay.

Tues 12th Jan 

I was watching a BBC documentary about David Bowie and I was really struck by Brian Eno’s idea of Senius, the genius of the crowd. The number of people and experiences that contributed to his genius. It took him 10 years of trying and failing to reach that point.

Mon 11th Jan

I need to make time for developing the business of me. So I’ve scheduled making time, every Wednesday morning

Sun 10th Jan 

Power of Persuasion, book I’m currently reading- persuasion is all about perceived authority, honesty and likability

Sat 9th Jan

The Information I retain/ remember the most usually has a meaning for me. A story, an experience I’ve had, something I’m thinking about….

Fri 8th Jan

“One of the things i find in the people i love working with is that they are very eclectic, curious, interested in lots of different things paying attention in whats going on in the world, and they are growing as a human being, are humanistic, have values and thats where a point of view comes from.” Kathleen Kennedy, Producer on the Nerdist Podcast

Thurs 7th Jan

Boredom is actually mind numbing

Wed 6th Jan

How to use the scissor tool in Illustrator

Mon 3rd Jan

Still thinking about time and money since watching Human and this interview with Jose. How do I value my time? How can I say no more often and give myself more time?

Sat 2nd Jan

Speaking to my Dad, he asked me what I thought a business was. I replied “a way to get an income.” He gave the best definition of a business I’ve heard “no a business is about service. Helping people by solving a problem they have and are willing and able to pay you for.”

Fri 1st Jan

What are my long term goals?