Imaginary Bookshelf


Books I want to read

(I’ve got a massive list of books I keep discovering and want to read. Thought I could share them and cross them off when I finally read them).

  • Small Giants- Bo Burlingham (Tim Ferriss podcast)
  • The power of persuasion- Robert Levine (recommended by Will Macaskill)
  • Presence- Patsy Rodenburg (friends shelf)
  • Mindfulness- Danny Penman and J. Mark G. Williams (Will Macaskill on Four hr work week podcast)
  • Born standing up- Steve Martin (Nerdist podcast with David Spade)
  • Switch: How to change things when change is hard- Chip and Dan Heath (Doug Lemov Askwith Forum)
  • Hack Attack- Nick Davies (John Cleese in conversation with Eric Idle)