Websites I ♡


Seth Godin‘s- insightful and super short blog (sign up to the short daily emails)
99u’s – always brilliant insights on making ideas happen
Manifesto Project– collection of manifestos

Design, enterprise & social impact

Sacha Dichter from Acumen’s blog on generosity, philanthropy and social change
Fast co-exist– great articles on social innovations
Pinterest- so many crafty ideas for workshops
Impact Design Hub– brilliant website about impact design across the word, with articles, tools and resources
Museum Two blog– participatory design and research
Salt-compassionate business magazine
People you should know– an amazing person everyday and their condensed insights
Design affects (the resources page is brilliant)
Red Lemon Club– great tips for freelancers
Creative Boom– art, design and tips
Good– social impact company that creates stories, experiences,
and tools to push the world forward.

Inspiring videos

Makers– an incredible collection of videos on womens stories
Creative mornings– inspiring talks from a range of speakers
Organized Wonder– curated talks, documentaries, interviews and short films

Resources & Learning

Game Storming Toolkit– a set of co-creation tools
Directory of advice A-Z of advice from college to the studio
Social Good Guides– advice for startup changemakers
Hyper Island Toolbox– methods for collaborative creativity
Models of Impact– business models for social entrepreneurs
Creative Boom– check out the tips and resources sections
U lab– transforming business society and self
Theory of change– reflecting resource
Udemy- courses on everything, I’ve taken the Seth Godin Freelancer Course, they have great sales every few weeks so watch out for them!


Andy J. Miller
Jessica Hirsche– hilarious website, her tips and blog are a joy.
Red Jotter– insight into service design