The genuis of the collective

The genuis of the collective

“Scenius stands for the intelligence and the intuition of a whole cultural scene. It is the communal form of the concept of the genius.”

“I was an art student and, like all art students, I was encouraged to believe that there were a few great figures like Picasso and Kandinsky, Rembrandt and Giotto and so on who sort-of appeared out of nowhere and produced artistic revolution.

As I looked at art more and more, I discovered that that wasn’t really a true picture.

What really happened was that there was sometimes very fertile scenes involving lots and lots of people – some of them artists, some of them collectors, some of them curators, thinkers, theorists, people who were fashionable and knew what the hip things were – all sorts of people who created a kind of ecology of talent. And out of that ecology arose some wonderful work.

he period that I was particularly interested in, ’round about the Russian revolution, shows this extremely well. So I thought that originally those few individuals who’d survived in history – in the sort-of “Great Man” theory of history – they were called “geniuses”. But what I thought was interesting was the fact that they all came out of a scene that was very fertile and very intelligent.

So I came up with this word “scenius” – and scenius is the intelligence of a whole… operation or group of people. And I think that’s a more useful way to think about culture, actually. I think that – let’s forget the idea of “genius” for a little while, let’s think about the whole ecology of ideas that give rise to good new thoughts and good new work.”

Brian Eno

Brian Eno John Peel lecture

Brian Eno John Peel lecture

Notes from Brian Eno John Peel Lecture

The way I work is not to set a goal and reach for it but what i do anyway and how I can make use of it

Exploring the idea of the arts as an economics entity

  1. Is art only a luxury?
  2. Is there a way you can create a situation in which the arts flourish?

Rethink how we talk about culture. What are we doing when we make & consume art

Definition- Culture the creative arts. Art is everything that you don’t have to do. Essential need we do with interest, highly and carefully stylised.

What is it for? 

Children start world building very young. Empathy comes from imagination, humans can imagine whole worlds.

Children learn through play adults play through art.

Culture- collective conversation

Senius talent of a community

Genius talent of individual

ecosystems, richly interconnected, co dependent, no hierachy

New ideas articulated by individuals but generated by community

Altruism generosity towards the future

We’re moving from scarcity and economics of scarcity and competition to an era of abundance and co-operation. What are we going to do? We’re going through change faster than ever before.  resynchronise with each other, adventurous mind games about different things. Share resources. Altruism, writers like William MacKaskell. Constantly remoulding ourselves. We work out our actions in relation to everybody else. Art and Culture is central to this.

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