Morning Pages

Morning pages

Morning Pages are three pages of longhand, stream of consciousness writing, done first thing in the morning. There is no wrong way to do Morning Pages– they are not high art. They are about anything and everything that crosses your mind– and they are for your eyes only

Julia Cameron- The Artists Way


Image from Hotmoodymess

Discovered this through Elle Luna. It sounds quite interesting.

I think she once called it “brain drain,” and that’s a really wonderful description of how it feels. It only takes about fifteen minutes, and through the daily ritual of writing, you move mental clutter out of your mind and onto the page.

Elle Luna

I’m going to give it a go with my daily journal.  I will add everything that’s running through my head. Although It definitely wont be three pages long! 

Sounds very therapeutic

Reminds me of:

Alain de Bottons nightly writing practice, where he just gets all the thoughts out of his head and on paper.

Tiffany Shlain does something similar at the start of her family’s weekly Shabbat (a technology free day).


Creativity isn’t job specific

Joseph Beuys


“Beuys imagined that an expanded application of human creativity–and the broader definition of “art” that would follow–would result in something he called “social sculpture.” While the term encompassed many things for Beuys, it might broadly be defined as a conscious act of shaping, of bringing some aspect of the environment–whether the political system, the economy, or a classroom–from a chaotic state into a state of form, or structure. Social sculpture should be accomplished cooperatively, creatively, and across disciplines (he often cited the example of the beehive as an ideal working model). For Beuys, the need to change, or literally to re-form, was urgent. “All around us,” he said, “the fundamentals of life are crying out to be shaped, or created.”

+ Creativity, Joan Rothfuss, Walker Art Center curator

The difference between Imagination, Creativity, Innovation and Entrepreneurship

The difference between Imagination, Creativity, Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Wonderfully insightful talk by Tina Seelig From Inspiration to Implementation.

Imagination is the ability to envision things that dont yet exist

Creativity is applying imagination to solve problems- ideas that are new to me

Innovation is applying creativity to come up with new solutions- ideas that are new to the world

Entrepreneurship is applying innovation to bring ideas to life

The innovation cycle works by reframing the question, instead of 5+5=? ask ?+?=10. 

Her tips for students at the end of the talk are brilliant “If you ask for permission you are transferring the risk to someone else.”

Make something that matters

Make something that matters

A really insightful interview from On Being by Krista Tippet with Seth Godin.

The statement that really struck me was when Seth Godin said that today we don’t have enough connection or time and if we can give others a space where they can have meaning or help them maximise their time we can make an impact. It doesnt have to reach everybody, but we can have that bottom up impact or change he speaks of.

Another food for thought was how can we learn to tell the difference between a good idea and a bad one. I liked his tip about telling 10 people and see if it resonates with them, do they tell other people about it.