Beautiful strangers, Ethni-city

Beautiful strangers, Ethni-city

Beautiful Strangers, stunning photography of London’s diverse races, cultures and styles by photographer Peter Zelewski.

His aim? To challenge the concept of traditional beauty by bringing out the uniqueness, personality and true individuality of the people he photographs.

Find out more on his website.



Inspirations on diversity

Inspirations on diversity

Following on from my previous post Jumbled up thoughts on Diversity. Here are some of my favourite talks and examples on diversity.

Oops I made a feminist joke on the internet

Miss Representation– eye opening documentary on how women are represented on TV

The Mask You Live In – haven’t watched this yet but it looks like an amazing documentary

Spark Camp– a next generation convener, from this podcast with Debbie Millman Amy Webb and Amanda Michel talk about the lengths they go to ensure diversity, not just socio economic, racial and gender diversity but also different personalities like introverts and extroverts. How this results in provocative conversations, meaningful relationships and action.

Women in design- Aiga series on women in design


Malcolm Gladwell, Tokens, Pariahs and Pioneers– explores a hypothesis that if Hilary Clinton is elected the first female president of the US she would be the last female president for a long time

Mellody Hobson– an amazing talk on the need for diversity and being colour brave.

I am NOT black, You are NOT– what would you be if it wasn’t for your label, powerful spoken word poetry from Price EA

Humans of New York- people and stories, an inspiring blog and facebook page that makes us all look beneath.

48 things every woman will hear in a lifetime

The danger of the single story

Room at the Top? Sexism and the Star System in ArchitectureA fantastic essay by Denis Scott Brown, that’s still relevant today.

Bryan Stevenson we need to talk about an injustice- One of the best TED Talks I’ve seen.

Looks arent everything, believe me I’m a model

The alphabet vs. the goddess

The alphabet vs. the goddess

Thought provoking lecture by Dr. Leonard Shlain, on the rise and fall and current rise of the feminine. He explores the left and right hemispheres of the human brain and how dominance of reading and writing which use ‘masculine’ parts of our brain correlated with the patriarchal society the west is emerging from today. It was interesting to hear about the advent of television which uses the image centres of our brain and generates the same energy as meditation.

Some insights:

Left hemisphere:

processes language, words,

one thing at a time

Devoted to time

Right hemisphere:

Processes image, information, emotions

All at once

Devoted to space

“We traded and ear for an eye”

“The message changes when it is written”

We need a balance within our culture and within each individual