Why I love Scootering

Why I love Scootering

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I got my scooter a couple of weeks ago and it’s been absolutely brilliant. I’ve been whizzing all around town.

  • It’s faster than walking (I’ve cut a 35 min walk to a 20 min scoot)
  • It’s a great way to see the city
  • You are present the whole journey
  • It’s a great workout (lots of lunges)
  • It’s fun (I feel like a kid on it, a cautious kid)
Barbers counselling customers

Barbers counselling customers

Five Afro- Caribbean barber shops in Camden Town and Kentish Town, London are working together to help more black men open up about their mental health problems.

Such a fantastic idea! I’ve only recently started to learn about how common mental health issues are in BME communities. Podcasts like Another Round and reading research such as the Royal College of Psychiatrists has really opened my eyes to this. I used to think it was rare in our communities. It’s often not discussed or if it is you’re told to pray about it.

Taking a safe space like a barber shop to encourage people especially men to speak openly without the stigma is brilliant. Find out more here