A friend describes life as Cartographers map
We are travelling, exploring the world around us
Every day we experience lots of small changes that we don’t perceive or notice
Once in a while the big ones come along that are life changing

It feels like you’re on a rock clinging on for dear life
You can look back and see where you came from and all the opportunities before you
but you don’t know where to swim to next.

Sometimes we are laid flat out to get us to notice ourselves
To notice the world around us and where we going
We reach our depths have to crawl out
Let go (the hardest thing to do)

And start swimming
Making time for things you love, walking, drawing, but add variety
So it’s not one thing you expect to bring you through

Trust that something will come and you will be able to spot it
Your Intuition will kick in

Talking having safe space to talk allows you to assign meaning to change
The journey is the learning, the swimming and exploring