Mastership- Lauren Hill

“I cant create and not live, I cant be in this bubble of creativity, creativity, creativity without life.

…..Life is peaks and valleys, some people explain it as good times bad times. But i think its learning, mastership, learning, mastership….

…. I went from the top of one mountain, I’d mastered something and people appreciated it. And once you reach that level you have to go this way. But in hip hop everyones like “I’m not moving… I’m dope.” That’s when you get stuck on one hill, when Gods intention is that we study and master a bunch of different things.

…. I’m at the foot of another hill. This hill is different you have to navigate it differently. But I get to learn and once you learn and go through that you’re on the top of another hill.

I just encourage everybody, never be afraid of not knowing. Find out. That’s how you get to mastership

…..Let’s not be mediocre in our greatness”

True words from Lauren Hill.


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Tip for asking questions in a lecture

Tip for asking questions in a lecture

A friend gave me this tip. At the end of a talk, lecture or speech when the dreaded does anyone have any questions. I sometimes have one.

I don’t know if you hate asking questions after talks, lectures, seminars? I do. 

My heart starts beating, blood rushing to my ears. I run over and over in my head what I’m going to say. Then when it’s finally my turn to speak….I half-ask the question. Forgetting important bits. And then because my heart is pounding so much and I’m mentally kicking myself because I didn’t ask it the way I wanted to I barely listen to the answer!

She told me this used to happen to her. It all changed when she decided to focus on just listening. Listening to see if someone would ask the same question anyway or if the answer would come up in the discussion. Then if at the end it still hadn’t come up, she would just feel her hand go up and ask. She wouldn’t have had the chance to build the panick. 

I tried this recently and it definitely helped. I felt so much calmer, I’d listened the answer hadn’t come up and I just felt my hand go up. The panick started but I had much less time to think about it up it and focused instead on listening to other people speak. 

Give it a try & let me know if it works for you too 😊

The big spring clean

The big spring clean

I love this time of the year. Spring always makes me want to organise and tidy all the random stuff I collect over the year and get ready for the summer. Although we don’t really have a summer here in Glasgow it is lovely to start with afresh. So over the last couple of weeks I’ve been spring cleaning my life. I’ve been setting aside a couple of hours a day to  tackle one thing at a time. 

It’s the perfect time to put away my winter wardrobe (although it was still snowing in Scotland a week ago). I put my clothes into piles; a ‘keep’, ‘havent worn in a year’ and ‘worn out’ pile. I put the keep clothes back in my wardrobe and threw out the worn pile. This just left the ‘havent worn in a year’ pile to be sorted. Of course there were still like clothes I liked or had some sentimental the rest I decided to give to charity or sell. I repeated it for my jewellery, shoes and makeup as well. 
It’s great I almost halved my wardrobe and rediscovered clothes I still love but haven’t worn in ages. The good news is I now have space in my wardrobe for some new clothes!

I should definitely sort out my laptop more often, I’ve decided to set aside a day a week to clean out my desktop and downloads folder. It took me ages to sort out all the junk. 
I’m deleting lots of photo’s from my computer. I realised that I hardly ever relook at old pics so they just stay clogging up my disk space so I deleted the repeated files, blurry pics and ones I don’t like . It was quite nice to go through them again and see the memories.
I also filed away the hundreds of stuff on my desktop and I also sorted out all my cloud storage, deleting repeated files, making large photoshop files smaller and organising personal and work stuff. Then I backed up everything with my hard drive to be safe.

I’ve been quite good with reading or deleting incoming emails and keeping my inbox clear so spring cleaning my emails has mostly meant unsubscribing and deleting accounts from things I no longer use, although some are impossible to leave (uber). I searched for unsubscribe in my mailbox and whenever I receive an email from something I signed up randomly to and don’t want anymore I unsubscribe. 

I’m now doing a similar process with around the flat. Sifting through letters, drawing equipment and loads of other things. I’ve been filing and reorganising storage and buying new bedding and other things just to spruce up the house. 

The biggest thing is that it takes time to spring clean but it’s totally worth it! Let me know if you have any more tips :). 
Fun project February _ productivity challenge

Fun project February _ productivity challenge

My goal for this year is to do one, fun/ side/ passion/ personal project per month. The only rules are that it has to be creative, experimental and most of all be FUN!
February- My fun/ side project for february is to make concept models.
Model making was the thing I loved the most at uni, but I haven’t made a single model since graduating last summer.
I’m starting small. Just 2 models a week, using scrap materials I found at the workshop.
It’s taken me ages but I’ve finally got a concept. Walls. I want to look at flat surfaces, walls, floors, fences and explore how they can be adapted to become more playful and engaging. I’ve found some inspiration which I’ve put below.
Let’s see how it goes 🙂
Adrienne Lau- Wall Mart
Studio Weave- Lullaby Factory