Joy & gratitude

Joy & gratitude


So much wisdom on gratitude from David Steindl Rast in this On Being Podcast. I loved his description of happiness as something that passes and is based on circumstances whereas joy can be long term, is a choice we make and is not based on what is happening.

He explains gratitude as being present, seeing opportunity & availing yourself of it. 

“Stop, behold and go. Stop, ask what is the opportunity of this given moment (that’s the beholding), when you see it, then go. Being grateful isn’t necessarily about what you’ve been given. In every moment you can be grateful, there could be the opportunity to learn, to protest….”

He explains that anxiety is fine, but fear paralyses us. If we trust in life we’ll come through that situation having given birth to something great. 

Prayer is waterever lifts your spirit.


Jessica Hische on Your Dreams My Nightmare

I Love Jessica Hische. My knowledge of typography is tiny but her sense of humour is so brilliant and really comes out in her work. I totally feel like we could be friends!
Here she speaks to Sam Weber on his podcast Your Dreams my Nightmares an audio side project.
The interview has so many insights whatever field you are in.
Involve your audience and create a dialogue
Anyone can be a teacher if you use your knowledge to help others
Find a career you love instead of a job you hate
Check out-

The difference between a job, career and calling- Elle Luna on Design Matters

I first learned about Elle Luna (such a great name) reading about the 100 days Project on The Great Discontent. A 100 days of making.
This podcast with Debbie Millman is wide ranging but I particularly liked hearing Elle talk about finding what you love to do, work work and fun work.

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