Racism is a business, Akala

Racism is a business, Akala

Thought provoking words from Akala on everyday racism.

“Everyday racism is the normalised experiences we encounter daily based on our difference from the white norm…..

Fighting prejudice both within our society and within ourselves.”


If this affects us so much as adults it’s even sadder when we see the effects of everyday racism on young children, as this experiment the “doll test” shows.

I have seen both of these on facebook in recent days.They really made me think about how subconscious and normalised everyday racism is. We all live the idea of the white experience as the norm.

Like in Akala’s example, I myself have to consciously fight the stereotypes even though I am black and I know they are wrong.

I tested my automatic instincts in a few months ago with the brilliant Harvard research project, Project Implicit. I wasn’t surprised to find that I like a lot of respondents, I had an automatic preference for white people compared to black people.

…. But it did make me think deeply my automatic reactions and question more the messages I consume. I’ve have to make a decision to move away from the “Single Story” as Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie says. To make sure I read, listen and watch stories from a range of people.


The Audacity of Despair

The Audacity of Despair

Brilliant Another Round podcast with David Simon, writer of the wire. Another funny and thoughful podcast from Heben Nigatu and Tracy Clayton.

“In politics today the currency is fear and money….

At some point we’re more alike than we want to admit in that we’re all human” David Simon


Inspirations on diversity

Inspirations on diversity

Following on from my previous post Jumbled up thoughts on Diversity. Here are some of my favourite talks and examples on diversity.

Oops I made a feminist joke on the internet

Miss Representation– eye opening documentary on how women are represented on TV

The Mask You Live In – haven’t watched this yet but it looks like an amazing documentary

Spark Camp– a next generation convener, from this podcast with Debbie Millman Amy Webb and Amanda Michel talk about the lengths they go to ensure diversity, not just socio economic, racial and gender diversity but also different personalities like introverts and extroverts. How this results in provocative conversations, meaningful relationships and action.

Women in design- Aiga series on women in design


Malcolm Gladwell, Tokens, Pariahs and Pioneers– explores a hypothesis that if Hilary Clinton is elected the first female president of the US she would be the last female president for a long time

Mellody Hobson– an amazing talk on the need for diversity and being colour brave.

I am NOT black, You are NOT– what would you be if it wasn’t for your label, powerful spoken word poetry from Price EA

Humans of New York- people and stories, an inspiring blog and facebook page that makes us all look beneath.

48 things every woman will hear in a lifetime

The danger of the single story

Room at the Top? Sexism and the Star System in ArchitectureA fantastic essay by Denis Scott Brown, that’s still relevant today.

Bryan Stevenson we need to talk about an injustice- One of the best TED Talks I’ve seen.

Looks arent everything, believe me I’m a model