Tip for asking questions in a lecture

Tip for asking questions in a lecture

A friend gave me this tip. At the end of a talk, lecture or speech when the dreaded does anyone have any questions. I sometimes have one.

I don’t know if you hate asking questions after talks, lectures, seminars? I do. 

My heart starts beating, blood rushing to my ears. I run over and over in my head what I’m going to say. Then when it’s finally my turn to speak….I half-ask the question. Forgetting important bits. And then because my heart is pounding so much and I’m mentally kicking myself because I didn’t ask it the way I wanted to I barely listen to the answer!

She told me this used to happen to her. It all changed when she decided to focus on just listening. Listening to see if someone would ask the same question anyway or if the answer would come up in the discussion. Then if at the end it still hadn’t come up, she would just feel her hand go up and ask. She wouldn’t have had the chance to build the panick. 

I tried this recently and it definitely helped. I felt so much calmer, I’d listened the answer hadn’t come up and I just felt my hand go up. The panick started but I had much less time to think about it up it and focused instead on listening to other people speak. 

Give it a try & let me know if it works for you too 😊