Weeks learnings/ discoveries 20.04.15

Weeks learnings/ discoveries 20.04.15

Some trends in corporate social responsibility. A great tip I learned this week from a new friend is to ask potential partners to invest in your cause.

Some interesting case studies and approaches from Ripple Strategies on how to use the media for change

This brilliant guide to organising finances and the UK self assessment system from Freelance Parents. It’s for the UK tax system but there are some great tips on record keeping & saving for your tax bill. It has become my go to guide as I start my first freelance tax return.

Great steps to digital hygiene from Seth Godin “spend the most creative part of your day creating not responding”. I’ve already stopped all notifications on my phone.

DoSomething guide to getting corporate sponsors to love you. The key thing I learned is that research is key. Tailor your proposal to each organisation in order to stand out from the crowd. It’s not just for them to help you but also how can you help them

The weekly freelance schedule from Studio Meroe, some brilliant tips on planning your week. Monday research and inspiration, Tuesday business and finance, Wednesday social media, Thursday marketing and networking and Friday organising. Some great tips, it reminds me of Jessica Hirsche’s Admin Monday.

This brilliantly funny guide to the 7 sins of humanitarian douchery made my weekend!

I went back to Salsa this week after a year and discovered muscle memory :-).
How to walk like a catwalk model

How to walk like a catwalk model

I spent a lot of my teenage years copying the models on FTV and later ended up doing some modelling myself. So how can you walk like a runway model?

The first thing to do is put on some heels, the more comfy the better when you’re practising.



Feet crossing is key to the model walk. Your feet should face straight ahead and as you move they should fall in line with each other or slightly crossed instead of parallel. This is what makes the hips wiggle. You can add a slight bounce to the walk by bending your knees but be carefully it you bend it too much it can look like your trotting. Long strides also look elegant and smooth.



If you’ve ever watched Miss J Alexander on America’s next top model, you will know that dead arms (not moving your arms or only moving one) or throwing them out loads are not good. The best tip is to smoothly swing the opposite arm and shoulder forward to the leg that in front.

Posture is also important, shoulders back and down, with your chin forward. Leaning back slightly creates an elongated line.


Pose & turn

At the end of the catwalk you can pose. Depending on the show, the pose can range from a straight on, to a side pose or backward facing one. For the straight on pose as you reach the end of the catwalk, throw one leg to the side and put your weight on it. To turn you can shift your weight to the opposite leg and turn on that leg. Or you could step back and turn with the leg that you have no weight on. Think of it a bit like salsa dancing.

Music and pace

It’s also important to walk in time with the music. Sometimes this is really hard because of the track but try to find a beat to walk to, it makes the walk look much smoother.

I love watching fashion shows old and new and the catwalk style changes from era to era and show to show. Here are some key styles: 

The modern classic

This look is serious and expressionless. The face should show nothing at all, you are literally a hanger for the clothes. There’s little or no posing and sexy walks are not to be desired.

<iframe width=”560″ height=”315″ src=”https://www.youtube.com/embed/VYdqW5mkxgk&#8221; frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen>

Prada Spring summer 2015

The supermodel walk

Best shown in the Gianni Versace show’s of the 90’s or by Naomi Campbell, this is a bold and sexy walk. Its full of swinging arms and thrusting hips, multiple twirl and pose…. at the end of the catwalk, halfway down it, as you leave the catwalk. Synchronized walking may also be involved. The face is also serious but more of a I know I’m hot expression. 

<iframe width=”420″ height=”315″ src=”https://www.youtube.com/embed/pOck7AuJ3ag&#8221; frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen>

Giani Versace Spring 1994

Victoria’s secret walk

The Victoria’s Secret walk is playful, smiley and flirty. Bouncing and lots of sashaying hips movement. while walking, with hands and arms moving and flowing. Blowing kisses at the audience and a straight on hands on waist pose at the end of the catwalk.

<iframe width=”560″ height=”315″ src=”https://www.youtube.com/embed/mABWzmsA8zQ&#8221; frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen>

Victoria’s Secret Show 2014

Vintage catwalk

This catwalk style is hard to describe. Lots moving to spot and standing in a pose. Turning body and head elegantly to show the back, front and details of the look. Length and elegance is key. This continued to the 60’s with catwalks becoming more abstract, performative and fun.

Clothing of the future- clothing in the year 2000

Paco Rabanne 1969

Weeks learnings/ discoveries 12.03.15

Weeks learnings/ discoveries 12.03.15

I started listening to Your Dreams my Nightmares. It’s a great podcast I’ve heard about a couple of times but only just started listening to. Illustrator Sam Weber interviews illustrators about their work, lives and how they got where they are. I particularly liked the discussion with Kaye Blegvard on how addictive praise can be “praise vampires”. They focused on feedback online and how it has little or no context, everything is presented on its own and the feedback you get has no context.

interesting article on Impact Design Hub’s blog about the less travelled career path of public interest design. As someone who decided after graduating to take this path it was good to see that we all have similar experiences.

I saw this description on Good Partipation of incentive in participation, inviting people to take part and it made me think.

An invitation does not guarantee that participants will attend or take part. What’s the reason why someone would want to be a part of your experience? What’s more – how do you make it irresistible to join? The starting point is to know the audience, identifying specific people or groups of people, understanding their personal characteristics and motivations to take part in the experience on offer.
Inspiring talk by Tina Roth Eisenberg the best way to complain is to make.

Insightful thoughts from Brian Eno on ideas and surrendering. The way art offers a way of surrendering.

“The big mistake is to wait for inspiration, its not so much creating something but noticing when it is starting to happen”
“Everything we call character is deviation from what we call perfection”

I stumbled on a definition of environmental graphic design, a field I know little about but sounds fascinating. It is as a design profession that encompasses many design professions including graphic design, architecture and industrial design. It is concerned with aspects of way finding, communicating identity and brands, information design and shaping a sense of place.

This made me also look up a definition of Service Design a field I’m also starting to learn about since taking part in the Global Service Jam. Service design is the activity of planning and organising people, infrastructure, communication and material aspects of a service to improve it’s quality and the interaction between the service provider and customers.

Great Lecture by Nina Simon on participatory practice in Art. It’s a long talk but worth the listen. There was an interesting point made at the end about the lack of central places online to look for participatory arts, design or architecture. This is something I’ve noticed when I tried to find references for my individual project on my community arts course.

Andy J Miller has a great post on how to be a happy creative on his tumblr;

1. Refuse to see your entire life either as a success or failure

2. Make something everyday

3. Be authentic

4. Know your purpose

5. Address and defeat your fears

Weeks learnings/ discoveries

Weeks learnings/ discoveries

I just discovered the amazing Cardboard Imagination Day. It is a worldwide event run by the Imagination Foundation. A non profit started after the global response to ‘Caines Arcade’ to encourage creativity and entrepreneurship in children. I’d love to run or take part in one!

If you didn’t see it when I came out a couple of years ago here’s the inspirational Caine’s Arcade. It’s definitely one of my favourite videos.

Great article on Forbes how the immigrant perspective defines success today. It is something I totally related to having been born in Nigeria myself and growing up in Britain, I see the entrepreneurial attitude and constant striving to do better so often. It is also good to see immigrants being spoken of positively in the media.

Beautiful photographs by Nadav Kander for the “buy a lady a drink” campaign backed by water.org and Stella Artois. The dignity and courage shown in the portraits is breathtaking. The campaign aims to provide drinking water for those in need and make the lives of the millions of women who walk for miles every day to get clean water for their families.

Interesting article on Michelle Obama breaking the stereotypes of power dressing for women.

Great interview with Marie Forleothe and Grace Bonney from Design Sponge. Grace had some great advice on writing a blog one of which was to figure out figure out what makes you different and make it your core focus.

Some great tips for writing 1000 words a day and lessons learned from the challenge by James Greig.

Insightful post on Brain Pickings on Margaret Mead and James Baldwins epic conversation. This post focuses on their discussion on race and gender and how we construct our identities. It is fascinating.

Amazing and inspiring talk by Theaster Gates on neighbourhood consciousness. His statement ‘I believe that beauty is a basic service’ has stuck with me. Beauty is important regardless of race, culture and position. He spoke about culture as the thing that helps to ignite and get people re-investing in their place. What are the things you can do in your neighbourhood, using your skills and resources? Whats the relationship between an old house, a local school, can you get them talking. These places still have a pulse, how can you get the people fighting for it passionately again.

Another great post by Seth Godin on Direct Marketing (and the other kind)

Weeks learnings/ discoveries 21.03.15

Weeks learnings/ discoveries 21.03.15

Funny and thoughtful Nerdist interview with Benedict Cumberbatch

Time and fee advice for freelancers from Seth Godin

Interesting read on the art of creating connections from Spark Camp

Beautiful interactive online infographic of the daily routines of famous people

Why don’t we ask our educators to innovate in the same way we ask of other professions like medicine? A thought provoking question asked at SCDI forum 2015


Weeks learning and discoveries 14.03.15

Weeks learning and discoveries 14.03.15


How to build your charisma, a talk by Olivia Fox Cabane. The key elements of charisma Olivia explains are presence, power and warmth.

Just do it instead of waiting for the perfect time! I finally made a decision i’ve been putting off for a while. Waiting till everything aligned but this week I realised I just had to make a decision and not look back.

Creative toolbox from Hyper Island

The lovely website of Charity: Water content strategist Tyler Riewer

What millennials want; transparency, authenticity, tangibility, engagement with greater community and an opportunity to contribute beyond money

Why charity: water’s campaigns are so successful 

Mathias Jakobsen goes through How to to Think Clearly using pen and paper. I love the detail from the type of pen you should use (prismacolor or copic) to the size of the notebook. I’ve bought a moleskin and I’m excited to start a beautiful sketchbook and start thinking clearly!

“We serve ourselves better by fearing a failure to act more than fearing failure itself” Michael Schwalbe in Maximise Your Potential from 99u

How to be a better you from Lauren Curries’s blog on her Design Enterprise class. It looks like a fantastic and empowering lecture!

Friday Fashion find: Kuyichi jeans

Friday Fashion find: Kuyichi jeans

My favourite pair of jeans are these by Kuyichi.
They are super comfy, easy to wear and a perfect fit. Even better they are an eco-friendly company, with all Kuyichi’s clothing being made organically and with fair trade. Truly “Style Conscious”
 alt= kuyuchi jeans
Check out their clothes on their online store 🙂


Weeks learnings/ discoveries_ 7.03.15

Weeks learnings/ discoveries_ 7.03.15


Catch & Release Project where Seaport’s residents created lovely thank you cards

The busy trap, being busy for the sake of being busy

How to speak to inspire change, is a great read from Simon Sinek

An insightful discussion between Debbie Millman and Seth Godin on how to overcome the lizard brain

The importance of taking breaks from technology, switch it off!

Have a point of view and express your point it daily, a thoughtful post from Seth Godin’s blog

The brilliantly inspiring Your Ad Here from Create London, connecting small businesses, artists and the community

Thank you Roberta Tassi for this amazing online resource of service design tools-

Creating an education system that is relevant to people Charles Leadbeater’s TED talk on his learnings from education in slums

How to write a great blog post from creative boom (I’ve started writing post-it notes when I start a blog post)

What I learned/ discovered this week

What I learned/ discovered this week

image via.. Unsplash

I have been working at home all this week and listening to the lovely podcast Design Matters by Debbie Millman.   It’s an amazing resource, just being able to listen to how other people work, how they got to where they are and their thoughts on life and creativity and making an impact.

Great insights on storytelling with a strong point of view, authorship, curiosity and curating by Maria Popova on Design Matters. She speaks of thinking like a ‘curious octupus’, having interests in a range of disciplines and allowing yourself the freedom to explore them. Her thoughts on writing about things you can add to or enrich somehow made me think about Active Socioplastics and how I select what to post.

This led me to Jeff Jarvis’s great article Cover what you do best and link to the rest. 

I learned a new phrase ‘aspirational organisation’ from Knock knock founder Jen Bilik. It describes me perfectly, I’m constantly preparing to get work done instead of actually getting work done.

To find people you admire and think about what  qualities you like about them and model the best from Dawn Hancock https://vimeo.com/31259491

Found some tips on how to write exhibition text from the V & A museum.

How to prepare an online portfolio from creativeboom and how to make a new paragraph in html <P>

A great expansion of Charles Eames famous quote “Design is a plan for arranging elements in such a way as best to accomplish a particular purpose.” by Christophe Simmons . Christopher explains that Good design encompasses 5 elements
1. strategy- plans 2. Presentation- arrangement 3. Content- elements 4. How effective was it- achievement
5. How worthwhile was it- goal

About the importance of design in keeping the human scale and people at the centre of everything from Paola Antonelli. ‘Ultimately everything is for people and made for people’.

Where to find non cheesy stock photography– thanks creativeboom!

And from the lovely Chrissy from BeYonder who I met a couple of weeks ago at a networking event, the importance of making and nurturing connections.