Random thoughts// Interruption Economy

Random thoughts// Interruption Economy

Digital distraction
‘Interruption economy’ was mentioned in Tim Ferris Podcast with Scott Adams. Coined by Scott it refers to how the biggest companies in our market today make their money from constantly interrupting you. It perfectly describes where I am today. Constantly distracted.

I do most of my work on my laptop yet I can’t get through a task, e.g making a note of an idea on evernote, without going through a rabbit warren of information. I’ve realised I rarely finish reading an article, there are so many click-thoughs.

And all of this without really using twitter, Facebook, instagram, medium and whatever else is out there. So I can’t imagine what those social media savvy people are going though!

It’s not a new phenomena for me, I remember in secondary school, ‘studying’ while watching TV. This was the days without 3G phones. My Dad always commented “I don’t know how you learn anything!”

So what is the effect of all this? I’m not sure but this talk by Joe Kraus on what it must be doing to our brains is food for thought.
“We’re creating a culture of distraction”

In Scott Adams blog post he ends with a sobering thought, is there a link to mental illnesses? I can definately see that with having such an overwhelming amount of information to constantly deal with.

So what to do about this? I’m not sure, Scott suggests chanting what you’re trying to complete. Thats certainly one way of trying to focus. I’ve heard meditation helps and Seth Godin advises stopping notifications (turning off the noise).

This week I started doing 10 mins of yoga very morning. No matter what time I get up I just do it. Instead of procrastinating or thinking I’ll do it at the end of my day which I never do.

Though it’s a small thing I’ve found that I do feel much more focused for the rest of the day. Maybe it’s just practicing doing one thing at a time instead of a million different things.

Anyway, here’s to stopping the noise!

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