Networking, be human

Networking, be human

I’m not very good at networking, sure I can meet people, have a decent conversation but those long lasting relationships I find hard to build. That’s why I was so excited to listen to Tim Ferriss insights on networking.

They were essentially dont network focus on making human connections and don’t be a dick.

1. Dont dismiss people
2. Don’t be a dick

3. Dont rush

4. Dont pitch if they haven’t asked


Be human and play the long game. 

I tried to apply this consciously at the Scottish Learning Festival. Scotland’s largest gathering of educational professionals. I just had two simple aims, make one human connection and learn more about the landscape. 

I’m happy to say it worked. My first session I turned round to the lady next to me and just said hi. We got chatting about how we both do workshops in schools and ended up spending most of the two days together. We’d pretty much selected the same seminars to attend. 

These principles also made the whole experience more pleasurable, I didn’t feel like I had to meet the most number of people, or sell anything. Instead be open to the opportunities that came up to create connections. 

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